18 – 25 AGO 2024

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SANFIC, Santiago International Film Festival, founded in 2005, is a cinematographic, cultural, artistic, industrial and educational platform, presented by CorpArtes Foundation and Itaú, produced by Storyboard Media.

Through its 17 versions, SANFIC – created in 2005 -, has sought to offer the best of national and international cinema to all Chileans.

Considered one of the most important film competitions in Latin America, SANFIC responds to the objective of CorpArtes Foundatiom of promoting and disseminating national and international audiovisual productions and generating greater access in Chile of quality films.

Throughout its 16 years of existance, SANFIC has become a benchmark for the international film industry, a showcase for Chilean creators and directors, as well as an instance for the latter to connect with prestigious representatives of the world circuit.

In each edition of SANFIC, directors, producers, distributors, critics, actors and the general public converge around the most recent and outstanding national and international productions, giving Santiago and the country a unique framework for meeting, quality and topicality.

In the year 2020, SANFIC will be held digitally, due to the global health crisis of Covid-19 and with the conviction that now more than ever the arts and culture have a fundamental role in people’s lives.

Since its creation, SANFIC has exhibited more than 1.500 films from around the world and has gathered more than 273,000 spectators. In order to significantly boost national cinema, this contest has released more than 135 local fiction and documentary films. In addition, it has awarded first productions by national filmmakers such as Alicia Scherson , José Luis Torres Leiva, Pablo Larraín, Sebastián Silva, Dominga Sotomayor, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Sebastián Lelio, Alberto Fuguet, Maite Alberdi, Marialy Rivas, Gabriel Osorio, Christopher Murray, Fernando Guzzoni, among others.

Through its many versions, SANFIC has counted with the presence of international guests from more than 30 countries from the five continents, among which are the actors Gael García Bernal, Wagner Moura, Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe , Ricardo Darín , Diego Luna, Dominique Sanda , Angie Cepeda, Francesca Neri, Christian Vadim , Catalina Sandino, Michael Madsen and Danny Glover; and directors Andreas Dresen , Abel Ferrara, Laurent Cantet , Jem Cohen, Isabel Coixet, Claire Denis, José Luis Guerín , Wolfgang Becker, Pablo Trapero, Amos Gitai , Santiago Segura, Paul Schrader. Rainer Klausmann and Maribel Verdú, among many others.

Also in the framework of the festival, SANFIC Industry has taken place in its nine last editions, a training and programming space for professionals from the national and Ibero-American audiovisual world. It aims to promote the development of the film sector, through two instances of competition, Latinamerican Work in Progress and Santiago Lab , and a space for business tables with international agents: SANFIC NET.

Since 2017 the festival has new section in its program: SANFIC Learning, through which the CorpArtes Foundation has wanted to pursue its objective of being able to bring the best of the arts to all people, allowing children and young people to watch quality productions and providing tools to reflect on new topics, develop critical thinking and boost creative abilities. This section presents for free, in each of its editions, various films from around the world, aimed at children, youth and family audiences.

More and more Chileans are waiting for the arrival of SANFIC to have the opportunity to see the best and the latest of world cinema. Continuing to meet those expectations and attracting new audiences is a huge challenge that remains valid year after year.

18 editions, more than 1.400 films and 250.000 viewers


Se crea el festival SANFIC y abre con la Competencia Latinoamericana

Alicia Scherzon gana el premio del público con la película Play


SANFIC se abre a películas internacionales y cuenta con Peter Scarlet, director del Festival de Cine de Tribeca, como invitado especial.


Wolfgang Becker viene a SANFIC como invitado especial


Michael Chapman asiste como invitado especial a SANFIC 4


Se incorpora la Competencia Cine Chileno al festival SANFIC. Sebastián Lelio presenta su película Navidad y contamos con presencia de invitados como Andrés Wood y Andreas Dresen.


Se incorpora la Competencia Cortometraje Talento Nacional. Como invitados especiales asisten Isabelle Coixet (jurado) y Diego Luna.


Asiste Santiago Segura, Ricardo Darín y Willem Dafoe como invitados especiales


Se realiza un evento masivo en honor a Jorge Arriagada: un concierto con la interpretación de una selección de sus obras que incluye algunas imágenes inéditas y partituras para las películas de Raúl Ruiz.

Nace SANFIC Industria


En esta versión, SANFIC Industria se amplía gracias a las alianzas con destacadas instituciones nacionales e internacionales: Tribeca Film Insitute, Sundance Film Festival, Ventana Sur, Encuentros Cartagena, DocsDF, DocBarcelona, DIRAC, Film Comission, entre otros.


En esta versión la sección “Experiencias” cambia de nombre a “Maestros del Cine”. Se agrega el apartado de SANFIC FAMILIA como una sección dedicada a películas aptas para niños y jóvenes.

Se incorpora el premio al público y asisten invitados especiales como Ventura Pons y Daniel Hendler.


Se crea la sección “Blood Window”, sección de cine fantástico y de terror latinoamericano. Blood Window es el mercado de cine fantástico que se realiza en el marco de Ventana Sur en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y que concentra la mayor producción de películas de la región.

Asiste Michael Madsen, Alfredo Castro, Benjamín Vicuña y Matías Bize con su película “La memoria del agua”.


Asiste Paul Schrader y Danny Glover como invitados especiales.


Esta versión se destaca por tener por primera vez la sección SANFIC Educa: 5 películas dedicadas a niños y jóvenes estudiantes, con el objetivo de fomentar el consumo audiovisual desde una perspectiva orientada a la educación artística.

Asiste Matt Dillon como invitado especial.


Asiste Maribel Verdú como invitada especial.


SANFIC Educa se presenta en 12 regiones de Chile


Realización de la primera edición digital de SANFIC, gratuita y disponible en todo Chile.