18 – 25 AGO 2024

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  • Santiago LAB Documentary

FIDBA Award: Bajo sospecha, by Daniel Díaz; produced by Esteban Sandoval

Direct entry to participate in the Industry Section of the  International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina, FIDBA: DOCLAB, to be held next September.

Válvula Films AwardGloria Camiruaga por fin tus huellas, by Pablo Stephens; produced by Cristián Hidalgo

It consists of  24 camera days with accessories for the entire shooting stage and four color days, valued at $30.000 USD (thirty thousand US dollars).

Tribeca Film Institute Award: Henri: El último pirata, by Julián Fernández; produced by Dominique Rammsy

Direct entry to participate in the Industry section of the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2020. Furthermore, the award comprises a TFI endorsement valued at $2.000 USD (two thousand US dollars) for expenses associated with assistance to the event.

Nuevas Miradas Award: Isla Alien, by Cristóbal Valenzuela; produced by Diego Breit 

Direct entry to participate in the next edition of Nuevas Miradas to be held from 2-7 December, 2019 in Cuba.

  • Santiago Lab Fiction

MAFF Award (Malaga Fund & Coproduction Event), Málaga Festival: Nosotros , by Joaquín Ruano (Guatemala); produced by Pamela Guinea

It consists of direct entry to participate in the MAFIZ Industry section of the MAFF,  Málaga Festival, to be held on March 2020.

Guadalajara 2020 Iberoamerican Co-production Meeting Award: Los Niños del Viento , by Katherina Harder (Chile); produced by Sebastián González

Direct entry to participate in the XIV Iberoamerican Film Co-production Meeting that takes place within the framework of the Guadalajara International Film Festival in March 2020.

Blood Window Award: Aracne , by Florencia Dupont; produced by Pilar Díaz (Chile) 

 One of the genre projects is chosen to be part of the Ventana Sur Market, in the Blood Window program, to be held during the month of December 2019.

Cinema Chile Award: Los afectos , by Diego Ayala and Aníbal Jofré (Chile); produced by Valentina Roblero  

Cinema Chile recognizes the producer of the project with best international projection of the selection, and allows them to participate in the European Film Market that will be held in Berlin within the framework of the Berlinale, to be held in February 2020. This includes ticket, accommodation for 4 nights and accreditation for the producer; and also, a CinemaChile consultancy to prepare a meeting agenda based on the objectives of the project.

Salón de Productores de Cali Award: Ahora vienen por nosotros, by Shawn Garry (Chile); produced by Clara Larraín 

Direct entry to participate in the next edition of the Salón de Productores de Cali, to be held in November 2019 within the framework of the eleventh edition of the Cali Film Festival. The award includes accommodation and accreditation by the organization of the contest.

  • Iberoamerican Work In Progress

MAFIZ Málaga Award: Lo habitado (Argentina)by Martín Emiliano Díaz, produced by Martín Emiliano Díaz  

Consists of direct entry to participate in the Industry section of the Málaga Work In Progress, Málaga Festival, to be held March 2020.

 Yagán Films Award: Lo habitado (Argentina), by Martín Emiliano Díaz; produced by Martín Emiliano Díaz  

Awards the sound post production of one of the winning films valued at 7,000,000 Chilean pesos ($ 10,250 USD). The award includes 5.1 mix, which is equivalent to approximately 8 working days.

Chemistry Award: Hermanas (Colombia – United States) by Paola Ochoa; produced by Juan Sebastián Sarmiento, Pau Brunet and Jana Díaz Juhl  

It consists of a set of image post production services in Mexico City. The award comprises the application of color correction in 2K or 4K resolution, as well as the development of two digital Masters. The value of the prize is equivalent to $ 50,000 USD (fifty thousand US dollars), which corresponds to approximately 40 hours of work, plus the processes necessary to carry out the mentioned deliveries.  

LatAm Cinema Award: Odisea Amazónica (Perú), by Álvaro Sarmiento and Diego Sarmiento; produced by Álvaro Sarmiento and Diego Sarmiento  

It consists of an advertising page in the LatAm Cinema digital magazine, valued at $ 1,500 USD (one thousand five hundred US dollars).

Avid Licence Media Composer Award, SoftwareEsquirlas (Argentina), by Natalia Garayalde; produced by Eva Cáceres   

It consists of a perpetual license to Avid Media Composer, post-production editing software, which has a market value of $ 1,800 USD.